I just finished my crazy bird-plushie^^

This is my second plushie ever, which I started on in.. January I think? I've been awful at putting it off, trying to sew everything else before this one. It turned out much better than I had expected^^ My first plushie, the seahorse, was more of a 2D-project, whereas this one was more 3D. I will be selling it on Etsy^^ : http://www.etsy.com/listing/76052553/purple-and-orange-crazy-bird-plushie

Here are pictures:

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I just finished another animal-bag:)

This time it is an definite owl. :) I made black fake leather detailing on it, taken from a previous picture I had made. This one: http://slippithepinvin.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2vhmhg
I even made a previous version of this bag too, but in crappy materials like fleece and felt, and not very well made... I'm much more satisifed with this one=) It has a fresh red color, and black mathing chain and detailing:) The detailing took...time. Alot. So I am glad it's finished=)

I'm selling it on Etsy if someone wants it: (where there are also more pictures of details and such^^)

I also have it on my new deviantart:

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Purple Owl/Penguin/whichever birdy thing one wants it to be-Bag :)

This is a purple owl bag I made that was supposed to be a penguin:p Most people thought it was an owl, but some also thinks it looks like a penguin, so now it's a penguinowl-bag:)
I made it from an old simple penguin-sketch I had, but made it a bit more complex when I made it into a bag. I'm not sure how long time I spent making it, since it went in small bits now and then... I'm really happy about it though, it's the first bag I've made I'm satisfied with:)

It's available on etsy if anyone wants it :) :

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